Environmental Monitoring during Construction of Tesco Ireland Stores

Tesco Ireland
Project Manager:
Precision Construction


AWN Consulting has provided environmental monitoring services during the construction phase of numerous Tesco stores throughout Ireland. Services provided include conituous noise, vibration and dust monitoring.


All or some of these services have been provided at the following store developments:

  • Rush, Dublin;
  • Cabra, Dublin;
  • Naas, Kildare;
  • Ballybeg, Waterford;
  • Kilbeggan, Westmeath.

Remote Access

On certain sensitive sites and in order to provide the contractor with detailed and up-to-date information the installed vibration monitor was provided with remote access capabilities. The remote access allows data to be downloaded remotely as frequently as is necessary.

In addition, the system was capable of sending a text message alert to designated phone numbers if a predefined vibration level was exceeded. This allowed both the contractor and AWN to be aware of the vibration levels in real time. In the event of this alarm being triggered the vibration data could be downloaded immediately to examine the results in detail.

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