UCD Science Centre East

RKD Architects
Civil & Structural Engineer:
Services Engineer:
Murphy Belton

The Science Centre East development at University College Dublin (UCD) is a 16,000 sq. m. research facility currently under construction. As part of the design brief a BREEAM excellent rating was sought. As part of the design team AWN Consulting has provided detailed acoustic design services to the architect and other members of the team in order to ensure that the BREEAM criteria are met.

Sound Insulation & Ambient Noise

As part of the HEA13 section of the BREEAM manual for the project one credit is available for ensuring that the finished building achieves the design goals set for ambient noise intrusion form external sources, e.g. road traffic, and buidling services. In addition, design goals are set for acoustic privacy between acoustically sensitive areas and adjacent spaces. AWN Consulting provided detailed specifications for partition types, external glazing and internal screens in order that these design goals are acheived.

Room Acoustics

A second credit is also available as part of the HEA13 section relating to the room acoustic environment in teaching areas. Design goals are specified for reverberation times in these areas in order to ensure excellent speech intelligibility. AWN specified the required treatment areas and specifications of acoustically absorptive materials through the development of 3D room acoustic modes. This was then issued as part of the tender specification to allow the contractor to cost the requirements accurately.

Environental Noise Impact

A third credit was available relating to the POL8 section of the BREEAM manual which sets limits for the environmental noise impact that the development can have on surrounding sensitive locations. AWN worked with the building services engineers to specify a series of noise control measures to the roof plant area that would ensure complaince with the specified limits and also achieve the third credit.

BREEAM Excellent Rating

The building was awarded a BREEAM excellent rating certificate at the design and procurement stage and is on course to maintain this rating through the construction stage.

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