Odour Modelling Assessment

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'Odour Modelling Assessment' image

The issue of odour is complex and typically leads to more complaints to regulatory authories than any other single issue. People's responses to odours can vary due to different sensitivities in individuals; circumstances under which the odour is detected; and the age, health and attitudes of individuals.

The odour impact from industrial facilities can be particularly complex due to the combination of the intensity of the odour, it's character (putrid, fishy, fruity etc), it's hedonic tone (pleasantness / unpleasantness) and its concentration.

Staff in AWN Consutling have over 15 years experience in assessing the impact of odour from a range of industries including MBT, landfills, WWTP, anaerobic digestion, composting, distilleries, rendering and manufacturing facilities.

Using US EPA approved models such as AERMOD and CALPUFF, the impact from odorous facilities can be assessed to ensure that the resultant ground level concentration does not cause a nuisance at nearby sensitive receptors.

Mitigation measures, including appropriate abatement technology and detailed odour management plans (OMP), can be formulated in consultation with the client to ensure a cost effective solution to odour problems.

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