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AWN prepares technical assessments for Environmental Impact Statements (EIS's) supporting a wide range of manufacturing, infrastructural and commercial projects. Each EIS has regard to the guidelines prepared by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) outlined in "Guidelines on the Information to be contained in Environmental Impact Statements" and also "Advice Notes on Current Practice in the Preparation of Environmental Impact Statements". AWN provides guidance and advice across a wide range of environmental aspects, and advises on the need for an EIS and the associated content. For both small and large scale developments, AWN can carry out the following assessments relevant to EISs:

  • Air Quality & Climate
  • Noise & Vibration
  • Water (hydrology and hydrogeology)
  • Soils & Geology
  • Waste Management
  • Human Beings
  • Material Assets

AWN has an excellent working relationship with other consultants to provide the following assessments:

  • Flora & Fauna (including Appropriate Assessment)
  • Traffic & Transportation
  • Archaeological, architectural and cultural heritage
  • Landscape & Visual
  • Socio-Economic 
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