Preparation of EIS for a new build on a current pharmaceutical site

'Preparation of EIS for a new build on a current pharmaceutical site' image

In 2015 AWN Consulting provided a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment service for a proposed additional facility building and associated develop plant's existing site in Dublin. The new building will facilitate an expected increase in facility output.

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) identified and predicted impacts arising from this new development and the means and extent to which any potential impacts could be reduced or avoided.

AWN co-ordinated the preparation of the EIS and liaised with the client team and their retained planning consultant. The following specialist chapters were completed in house by AWN consultants; Alternatives and Planning and Development Context, Socio- Economic (Human Beings), Soils Geology & Hydrogeology, Hydrology and Flood Risk, Material Assets, Noise and Vibration, Air Quality, and Waste. Traffic and Transportation, Archaeology and Flora and Fauna chapters were prepared by sub consultants contracted by AWN.

AWN also completed an assessment of facility operation in terms of the Control of Major Accident Hazard Regulations (COMAH) following recent legislative changes under Seveso III Directive.

The potential impacts which may arise during both the construction and operational phases of the project were predicted and appropriate mitigation measures were detailed for each chapter. 


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