Flood Risk Assessment

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'Flood Risk Assessment' image

Flood Risk Assessments are area-specific or site-specific and their purpose is to ascertain the risk of flooding within the study area or site. The findings of flood risk assessments allow flood risk to be incorporated into strategic land-use decisions being made for an area as part of a development Plan or into the design of development on a particular site. AWN Consulting has significant experience in the delivery of flood risk assessments (Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3) to a range of clients which include Local Authorities and private developers.

AWN Consulting offers a comprehensive service in flood risk assessment and flood management studies by evaluating the following:

  • Assessment of flood history of site, hydrometric data (water levels & flows) for the adjacent water body, surveyed site levels and rainfall data for extreme events as recorded or estimated by Met Eireann.
  • Hydrological assessment of catchment and drainage area rainfall-runoff characteristics, design flood flow magnitudes and flood hydrographs, climate change implications.
  • Assessment flood levels, flood inundation, flood risk and flood hazard for plan areas and sites and proposed developments under a range of return period storm and flood events.
  • Assessment of pluvial flooding and site drainage design.
  • Calculate interception storage, treatment storage, attenuation storage and long term storage.
  • Recommend SuDS systems.
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