Compliance Monitoring

'Compliance Monitoring' image AWN Consulting undertake regular compliance monitoring for IPPC licensed facilities, specifically, surface and groundwater monitoring and noise monitoring. We use dedicated sub-contract accredited laboratories to produce fully accredited laboratory analysis results. » read more


IPPC Licence Application and Review

'IPPC Licence Application and Review' image The AWN Team has many years' experience in the preparation of IPPC Licence applications and reviews across a range of industrial sectors. We can assist a company through all stages of the application process, from initial discussions and licence scoping with the EPA, through to completion of licence application form and compilation of necessary assessments. » read more


Annual Environmental Reports

'Annual Environmental Reports' image AWN has many years' experience of preparing AERs for different industrial sectors, and has developed a unique understanding of how best to gather and interpret environmental data from across the different departments of a company. » read more


Environmental Liability Risk Assessments (ELRA)

'Environmental Liability Risk Assessments (ELRA)' image AWN has carried out numerous Environmental Liability Risk Assessments (ELRA) and advised clients in relation to the assessment and management of environmental liabilities, residual management plans (RMP) and financial provision » read more


IPPC Licence Surrender

'IPPC Licence Surrender' image AWN has completed numerous licence surrenders, Closure and Restoration Management Plans (CRAMP) and Residual Management Plans (RMP) for clients. » read more


Firewater Risk Assessment

'Firewater Risk Assessment' image AWN has many years' experience of preparing firewater risk assessments for IPPC licensed facilities. We follow EPA guidelines to prepare technical reports which detail all elements of our measurements, calculations, assumptions and conclusions and present these reports to the EPA on behalf of our clients. » read more