Compliance Monitoring

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'Compliance Monitoring' image

AWN Consulting undertakes regular compliance monitoring for Waste licensed and permitted facilities, specifically, surface and groundwater monitoring and noise monitoring. We use dedicated sub-contract laboratories to produce accredited laboratory analysis results.

Our noise monitoring team has many years' experience of monitoring and modelling of IPPC facilities and of specifying remedial measures where required.

We regularly sample ground, surface waters, and effluent emissions and interpret non-compliance for clients, conducting further analysis or risk assessment where necessary, to identify likely risks to humans and the environment.

AWN has provided on-going support to our clients in complying with waste licence and permit conditions. Key services provided include the following:

  • Groundwater monitoring;
  • Acute toxicity testing of process effluent;
  • Bund integrity assessment;
  • Efficient process control assessment;
  • Preparation of fugitive emissions programme, and
  • Preparation of efficient process control programme.


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