AMI Ltd. Waste Facility Permit Compliance

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AWN Consulting was appointed by Asset Management Ireland (AMI) for consultancy services in relation to on-going compliance of waste permit activities in Greenogue Business Park, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin (WFP-DS-11-0004-01).

AWN previously prepared a Site Closure Plan as part of the waste facility permit issued by South Dublin County Council.

In accordance with the current waste facility permit AMI isrequested to maintain a register on site, which is made available for inspection by South Dublin County Council. AWN carried out a detailed review of the current waste permit documentation and reporting. This included a review of the following register documents:

  • Register of Employee Receipt of Waste Management Permit
  • Register of Employee Training
  • Register of Incoming Waste and Outgoing Waste
  • Register of Incident which has Potential to Cause Environmental Pollution
  • Register of Complaints

AWN also reviewed the current arrangements regarding Waste Transfer Forms (WTF) i.e. C1 forms and TFS forms. This new Waste Transfer Form administration system requires consignors to purchase and fill in forms online.

AWN reviewed the list of waste agents and carriers of the waste and their waste collection permit details (to include issuing authority and vehicle registration number). The appointed waste contractors are obliged to have all the necessary collection permits and facility permits/licences in place to allow them to transport and dispose/recover/ recycle the waste streams generated at the site.

AWN prepared a copy of an Environmental Legal register, which contained a copy of all environmental regulations which AMI should comply with. AWN wrote a guide to the Environmental Register which will is now available to senior company operational personnel. This guide explains what the operational staff are required to do to ensure that all activities of the company are in compliance with environmental regulations.

Attached Documents

PDF icon AMI Ltd. Waste Facility Permit Compliance (AWN__Waste_Permit_Compliance_AMI.pdf | 180 kB)


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