Waste Design

'Waste Design' image Our waste management team can provide design advice to ensure developments take into account requirements of the Waste Management Acts and Associated Regulations, the Protection of the Environment Act and Associated Regulations, the Packaging Regulations and the Litter Pollution Act. » read more


Waste Management Strategies (Construction and Operational)

'Waste Management Strategies (Construction and Operational)' image  Waste strategies can be provided for commercial, residential and industrial projects from small scale construction projects to major mixed use developments. » read more


Waste Tender Preparation and Tender Procurement

'Waste Tender Preparation and Tender Procurement' image AWN can assist clients in the establishment of waste management requirements for proposed developments. » read more


Contractor Assistance - Integrated Waste Management Solutions

'Contractor Assistance - Integrated Waste Management Solutions' image AWN Consulting has partnered with contractors to add value to their offering, which assists them to win complex deinstall/demolition/chemical plant decommissioning projects. » read more


Waste Auditing

'Waste Auditing' image AWN's waste management team advises companies on the diversion of recyclable materials from their waste streams, thereby reducing their waste management costs. » read more


Grease Trap - Design and Specification

'Grease Trap - Design and Specification' image AWN has many years' experience in preparing Trade Effluent Discharge Licence applications (TEDL) for facilities ranging from manufacturing operations to car wash discharges and discharges from commercial kitchens in office developments, hotels and restaurant. » read more


Environmental Impact Assessment – Construction and Operational Phase

'Environmental Impact Assessment – Construction and Operational Phase' image In recent years AWN has prepared over 100 Waste Management reports for inclusion in Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and Planning Reports. » read more