Designing Waste Management in a Large Office/Commercial/Residential Development in Dublin's Docklands

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This project is a proposed development located in the Dublin Dockland's Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) on a 2.2 hectare site. The development will consist of more than 50,000 sq ft of office space and commercial buildings and over 250 apartments. The project is to take place in several phases. The planning application for Phase 1 was submitted in August 2015. Planning permission was granted and construction work has commenced on Phase 1. There are 3 other Phases for which planning applications have been submitted. 

AWN Consulting prepared a detailed Operational Waste Management Plan (OWMP) for each phase of the development to accompany the planning applications.

The type and quantity of waste expected to be generated within each Phase of the development was predicted using AWN's Waste Generation Model and recommendations were provided on waste storage area sizing and design as well as the management of different waste streams. As part of the OWMP, AWN also provided guidance on the appropriate collection and transport of waste to prevent issues associated with litter and environmental pollution at the development and off-site. 

Implementation of these OWMPs will ensure that the management of waste during the operational phase of the development is compliant with current legal and industry standards. Adherence to the plan will also ensure maximum reuse, recycling and recovery in accordance with the waste management hierarchy, Irish legislative requirements and the Eastern-Midlands Region Waste Management Plan 2015-2021. 

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