Surface Water Quality

'Surface Water Quality' image AWN Consulting undertakes surface water monitoring and surface water analysis, including chemical analysis and biological Q-value assessments, as well as assimilative capacity assessments of surface waters, lakes and rivers. » read more


Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

'Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems' image AWN Consulting provides advice and consultancy support in relation to the SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) principles to minimise the impact of urbanisation. » read more


Surface Water Management Plans

'Surface Water Management Plans' image Surface Water Management Plans are used during the construction phase and operational phase of engineering projects. AWN Consulting has issued and contributed to numerous surface water management plans for a range of clients. » read more


Environmental Impact Assessment

'Environmental Impact Assessment' image AWN offers consultancy services in the consideration & identification of potential surface water impacts on proposed developments for the purpose of EIA. » read more