Lisgoold, Co. Cork Assimilative Capacity Assessment

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AWN Consulting was commissioned to assess an application in relation to the discharge of Final Treated Effluent (FTE) from a wastewater treatment plant which it is proposed will serve a village housing scheme in Lisgoold, Co. Cork.

A site visit was carried out to inspect the site and collect water samples from the Owenacurra River; one from the receiving water upstream of the proposed discharge point and one downstream of the discharge. The samples were transferred to an accredited laboratory for the analysis. Flow analysis of the Owenacurra River was carried out.

The baseline water quality for the receiving surface water environment was accomplished by reference to relevant EPA databases, Office of Public Works (OPW) databases and Cork County Council records. Information already received from the client relating to the baseline environment was reviewed and taken into account during the production of the report.

Based on the latest EPA information relating to the water quality of the Owennacurra River in terms of Q-values and physciocehmical analysis and on site analysis of the receiving water course it can be concluded that the Owenacurra River is unpolluted and in a satisfactory condition.

In terms of the Phosphorus (P) and Nitrogen (N) limits assigned on the effluent discharge licence, the impact on the receiving water course will be imperceptible. The calculations have shown that the quality of the treated effluent using the revised P and N limits is of a suitable quality to discharge to the Owennacurra River.

Attached Documents

PDF icon Lisgoold, Co. Cork Wastewater Assimilative Capacity Assessment (Lisgoold_Assimilative_Capacity.pdf | 186 kB)


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