Semi-conductor Manufacturing Facility - Seveso Consultancy Services

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AWN provides consultancy services to the facility in relation to Seveso II compliance. A HAZard IDentification (HAZID) study was completed in 2003 and updated in 2008. This involved consequence modelling of 21 major accident scenarios including flammable gas leak and jet fire/flash fire/VCE, liquefied flammable gas release and BLEVE/Fireball, toxic and asphyxiant gas release and dispersion, chemical warehouse fire and dispersion of toxic combustion products, gas cylinder/trailer rocketing.

AWN are currently completing works to comply with Upper Tier status including HAZID update, consequence modelling and QRA, MAPP and SMS review, preparation of Safety Report and Internal Emergency Plan, contribution to External Emergency Plan.

AWN liaise with the HSA on an on-going basis and provide assistance at HSA Audits. Hazard identification and quantitative risk assessments are completed for developments on site and in support of planning applications.

Other services provided include classification of material in waste acid and solvent tanks in accordance with Dangerous Preparations Directive Criteria.

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