AWN Consulting offers a range of consultancy services to the operators of COMAH establishments who, due to the quantity and nature of hazardous substances stored on site are subject to the provisions of the European Communities (Control of Major Accident Hazard) Regulations, 2006 (S.I. 74 of 2006), also known as the COMAH Regulations.

Dioxin Risk Assessment

'Dioxin Risk Assessment' image AWN undertakes dioxin risk assessments for developments such as thermal treatment facilities using the methodology developed by the US EPA for hazardous waste facilities. » read more


Organisational Change Risk Assessment

'Organisational Change Risk Assessment' image AWN has the capability to complete risk assessments of organisational change addressing all safety hazards, including major accident hazards. The assessment is completed in conjunction with all staff whose job functions are subject to or affected by organisational change. » read more


Land Use Planning and Societal Risk Assessment

'Land Use Planning and Societal Risk Assessment' image Potential impacts from major accident hazards associated with COMAH establishments can extend beyond the boundary of the site. Three risk based land use planning zones exist in relation to COMAH establishments, namely the inner zone, middle zone and outer zone. » read more


Quantitative Risk Assessment

'Quantitative Risk Assessment' image The operators of COMAH establishments are required to quantify the risk of major accident scenarios and identify the location of the specified area which is defined by the COMAH Regulations as the area that is liable to be affected by an establishment. » read more