Scotch Hall Phase 2

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 Project work included the following:

  • An initial desktop assessment was carried out to establish current and historic site uses assessing the presence, nature and extent of any soil;
  • Once a background assessment was completed, a site specific contamination investigation and classification programme was designed;
  • The site investigation comprised of 46 no. trial pits, 25 no. boreholes, soil sampling, gas monitoring, groundwater level monitoring and groundwater sampling with 191 no. soil samples and 3 no. groundwater samples collected;
  • Soil and groundwater analyses were carried out for a range of parameters and the results were used to determine the contamination at the site, assess groundwater quality and groundwater level fluctuations, assess soil gas concentrations and classify existing fill/soil for the purposes of landfill disposal as inert, non-hazardous or hazardous waste;
  • A comprehensive technical report was compiled, which recommended disposal management for soil extracted from the site;
  • Preparation of a Remediation Method Statement, and;
  • AWN supervised the remediation of the site on a full time basis which comprised segregation, excavation and transport off site of soils excavated during the construction phase to ensure it was appropriately segregated and disposed off as inert, non-hazardous or hazardous as appropriate.

Attached Documents

PDF icon Scotch Hall Phase 2 (Case_Study_-_S.I._Scotch_Hall.pdf | 109 kB)


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