Environmental Noise

The significance of Noise and Vibration in planning terms is increasing and new development is under close scrutiny in order to demonstrate that it can co-exist in the community without problems. Equally, sites proposed for new development are often constrained by existing noise sources such as busy roads or railways. The expansion and modernisation of the countrys infrastructure, with an increased network of road, rail and air links, also means that there is more potential for noise pollution. AWN can provide comprehensive noise studies for all existing and proposed developments, ranging from single buildings to major infrastructure.

Details of the environmental noise services we provide can be found here.


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Aviva Stadium

'Aviva Stadium' image AWN Consulting assessed the plant noise emissions from the Aviva Stadium during the commissioning phase of the stadium construction to ensure compliance with the planning conditions attached to the development. » read more


Implementation of the Environmental Noise Directive & Noise Action Plans

'Implementation of the Environmental Noise Directive & Noise Action Plans' image AWN Consulting's acoustics team can offer Action Planning Authorities expert advice regarding the implementation of the European Environmental Noise Directive (END) and the management of noise Action Plans. » read more