Seveso COMAH Compliance

Operators of COMAH establishments are required to prepare and implement a Major Accident Prevention Policy and Safety Management System to ensure that major accident hazards are adequately controlled, and to guarantee a high level of protection to man and the environment.

A fundamental element of the Seveso II Directive (96/82/EC) (as amended) and the associated COMAH Regulations (S.I. 74 of 2006) is that the Operator of a COMAH facility "take all measures necessary to prevent major accident hazards and limit their consequences for man and the environment".

The Seveso III Directive will be implemented across the EU by the 1st June 2015. The main changes are alignment with the CLP Regulation which transposes the Globally Harmonised System for classification of chemicals, the strengthening of provisions for protection of the environment from major accident hazards, and to clarify and improve information to the public on COMAH/Seveso establishments, inspections, public participation and access to justice. The re-classification of establishments as Lower/Upper Tier status poses a significant challenge for operators, as well as the balancing of commercially and security sensitive information with public access. AWN Consulting is assisting a number of clients with preparation for compliance with the Seveso III Directive.