Air Quality & Climate

Air pollution is a key issue in urban society due to increasing traffic numbers and mounting concerns with regard to the health impact of small particles and gaseous pollutants. Meanwhile, in the industrial arena EU legislation has led to an increased regulatory burden. AWN Consulting has extensive experience in delivering solutions to complex air quality problems in the urban environment and in working with a range of clients in the pharmaceutical, mineral, agri-food and semi-conductor and allied industries. Our team can offer expertise in coordinating extensive ambient air monitoring programs and performing detailed air quality assessments using approved USEPA computer models. AWN Consulting offers cost-saving solutions that help our clients achieve compliance with the relevant air quality legislation whilst meeting their business goals.

Indoor Air Quality

AWN Consulting also offers specialist services in the field of occupational and indoor air quality monitoring and assessment.Under Regulation 4 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Chemical Agents) Regulations 2001 (S.I. No. 619 of 2001), an employer must determine whether any hazardous chemical agents are present in the workplace and must assess any risks to the safety and health of employees arising from their presence.

AWN has considerable experience in providing detailed indoor air quality advice and assessing compliance with relevant health and safety legislation. We undertake indoor air quality testing for a range of air pollutants including VOCs, heavy metals, asbestos, dust, fungi and bacteria. We have an extensive range of air sampling equipment and indoor air quality testing equipment which can be employed at industrial and office environments