Waste Licences & Permits

AWN Consulting offers specialist technical environmental advice for the waste sector covering a range of disciplines. The AWN Team has many years experience in the preparation of Waste Licence Applications. We can assist a company through all stages of the application process, from initial discussions and licence scoping with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), through to completion of application form and compilation of necessary assessments.

AWN prepare waste permit applications, for waste collection and the operation of facilities, on behalf of clients. We prepare all documentation and drawings and undertake all necessary monitoring using our in house team and equipment. We engage with the Local Authority on behalf of the Client and handle all stages of the permitting process though to Permit issue.

AWN have many years experience in preparing Trade Effluent Discharge Licence applications (TEDL) for facilities ranging from manufacturing operations to car wash discharges and discharges from commercial kitchens in office developments, hotels and restaurants.