• Comprehensive range of surface water management capabilities.

Risk Management

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We offer a comprehensive package of services in respect of Risk Management, including Seveso Assessment, Seveso III modelling and advice on contaminated land.


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A broad range of services including air quality modelling, licensing assistance, water and waste management and assessment of environmental noise.

Acoustics, Noise & Vibration

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AWN's dedicated and experienced acoustics team can offer cost-effective guidance and practicable solutions for every type of project.

AWN Seveso III Services

Seveso III came into operation on the 1st of June 2015 and has a number of significant impacts with regards to changes to Seveso establishments, public access to information, revisions to safety reports, increased responsibilities for lower tier operators, and provision of finance liabilities to provide for the remediation of the consequences of Major Accidents. AWN has already worked with a number of major Seveso sites to develop a solution to some of the challenges that Seveso III poses to operating businesses in Ireland and we would be delighted to be of assistance to you to help you to understand how Seveso III will affect your business, in terms of protection of Intellectual Property, capital and operational budgets, and public relations / perception of your site.

COMAH 2015 Regulations and Guide on HSA website.

Reduce Water Utility Costs

At a time when transitions to a new Water Authority are causing great uncertainty about the future cost of water for industry in Ireland, AWN Director and Principal Hydrogeologist Teri Hayes offers some useful advice for Business Owners on the development of a private water supply which could result in potentially large savings in utility cost.