Planning & Noise

Planning authorities often require that a noise impact assessment be carried out for a development as part of the planning application. The assessment could be to ensure that a new noisy development will not have a significant noise impact on the surrounding environment or a that a new noise sensitive development has been designed with suitable noise mitigation measures in place to control against noise pollution from existing source, e.g. roads or railways.

AWN's acoustics team have considerable experience in the preparation of noise impact assessments as part of planning applications. Our experience ranges from small developments seeking permission from a local authority to large strategic infrastructure projects requiring input to an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and attendance at an oral hearing.

Implementation of the Environmental Noise Directive & Noise Action Plans

'Implementation of the Environmental Noise Directive & Noise Action Plans' image AWN Consulting's acoustics team can offer Action Planning Authorities expert advice regarding the implementation of the European Environmental Noise Directive (END) and the management of noise Action Plans. » read more


Dublin Airport Terminal 2

'Dublin Airport Terminal 2' image Arup Consulting Engineers appointed AWN Consulting to identify the noise and vibration impacts associated with the second terminal of Dublin Airport to form part of the EIS document. » read more


M50 Upgrade Scheme, Dublin

'M50 Upgrade Scheme, Dublin' image The M50 Upgrade scheme represents a major enhancement to Dublin's orbital motorway, including widening of the mainline between the M1 and the Sandyford interchange, the upgrade of the M1/N4/N7 interchanges to free-flowing systems, and the improvement of the remaining junctions. » read more