Groundwater is a valuable natural resource that requires protection and careful development to safeguard its future. Under the European Water Framework Directive (WFD) groundwater is protected both as a drinking water resource and for its environmental value.

AWN offers a wide range of hydrogeological services to the public and private sector. We offer resource assessment and management and a comprehensive package of services required under different regulatory frameworks such as Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC).

Experienced hydrogeologists within AWN specialise in sustainable water supply development, impact and risk assessment, contaminated land investigation, modelling and analysis of sampling data. These professionals have a detailed understanding of the chemistry and dynamics of the water regime and its interaction with other elements of the environment. The team has a proactive approach to consultation with stakeholders enabling cost effective sustainable solutions to be developed. Our clients include Local Authorities, the Environment Protection Agency and private companies (e.g. property developers, industry, golf courses, hotels and the mineral extraction Industry).

AWN is able to offer a full range of services in relation to the management of the water environment, including:

  • Hydrogeological studies for Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Groundwater Feasibility Studies and Sustainable Yield Assessment
  • Contaminated Land Assessments and Risk Management
  • Geothermal Assessment
  • Design & Execution of Monitoring Programmes
  • Dewatering Assessments
  • Wetland Studies
  • Well & Aquifer Hydraulic Testing
  • Well Rehabilitation
  • Pumping Test Data Interpretation & Aquifer Characterisation
  • Assessment of Aquifer Vulnerability
  • Source Protection Area / Zone of Contribution Delineation
  • Design of Mitigation Measures to reduce Aquifer Contamination Potential
  • Aquifer & Contaminant Transport Computer Modelling
  • Design of Water Conservation Plans