Astellas Ireland Wind Turbine Assessment

Astellas Ireland

AWN was approached by Astellas Ireland to assist them in the assessment of the potential to site a wind turbine on their site. As part of the programme two locations were being considered. 

AWN had historic knowledge of the site having carried out noise surveys for the facility for a number of years. A critical part of the NG3 assessment is to ascertain current noise emissions from a facility in order that they can be combined with expected wind turbine noise levels in order that cumulative levels can be estimated and compared against relevant criteria. 

A site noise model was developed to assess the noise impact associated with the proposed turbine unit. Two distinct locations were assessed an a preferred location, in terms of noise, recommended. 

A detailed Phase 1 report was prepared for submission to the EPA as part of the overall application. The Phase 1 report clearly concluded that the Phase 2 assessment was not required in this instance and that the proposed turbine complied with all criteria outlined in the EPA NG3 guidance.

Work on the project was completed in late 2012.

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