Implementation of the Environmental Noise Directive & Noise Action Plans

AWN Consulting has extensive experience in the implementation of the END. We were part of the consortium providing detailed advice to the EPA in this regard. Our involvement included being a contributor to the EPA Guidance Note for Action Planning and reviewing all of the Action Plans in order to ensure compliance with the various requirements for these documents. We also conducted a data capture survey of the entire road, rail and industrial site network for the Northern Ireland noise mapping project.

Noise Action Plan Management

Each local authority throughout the country has recently developed a noise Action Plan based on the results of the strategic noise mapping process. Each Action Plan commits to implementing measures aimed at reducing the noise levels incident on those areas identified within the action plans as currently being exposed to undesirably high levels of noise. 

AWN Consulting can provide Action Planning bodies with a full noise Action Plan management solution. In summary, AWN can provide the following services:

  • Noise monitoring;
  • High-resolution noise mapping;
  • Mitigation measure design;
  • Cost benefit analysis of mitigation measures, and;
  • Data capture services in relation to the 2012 END requirements.

Assessment of Noise Impact

Due to the strategic nature of the noise maps on which the Action Plans are based the level of detail can be lacking in certain areas. This could potentially lead to areas being falsely identified for action.

AWN Consulting is uniquely positioned to carry out detailed assessments of the impact of environmental noise on sensitive receptors. We have the capability to both carry out noise monitoring and create high resolution noise maps. Our engineers use their in-depth knowledge and expertise to determine appropriate mitigation measures where appropriate and provide a cost benefit analysis of any proposals.

AWN can also provide advice to Action Planning bodies with regard to the next round of strategic noise mapping to be completed by 2012.




Attached Documents

PDF icon Environmental Noise Directive (AWN__Environmental_Noise_Directive_and_Noise_Action_Plans.pdf | 86 kB)
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