Aviva Stadium

John Sisk & Son
Scott Tallon Walker
Services Engineer:
Mercury Engineering

Aviva Stadium Dublin

The Aviva Stadium in Dublin is a 50,000 seat stadium on the site of the former Lansdowne Road stadium. It is the home of Irish Soccer and Rugby, has hosted the 2011 Europa League final and will host the 2013 Heineken Cup final. It is also a state of the art conference centre.

John Sisk & Son appointed AWN Consulting to assess the plant noise emissions from the Aviva Stadium during the commissioning phase of the stadium construction. A comprehensive brief was agreed including an extensive baseline noise survey at noise sensitive locations, the prediction and assessment of plant noise levels at nearest noise sensitive locations and the design of noise control measures to specific plant items where required. 

A detailed series of physical noise control measures were designed to be retrofitted to the stadium plant including changes to duct layouts, enclosures around noisy plant, localised noise barriers along the stadium fa├žade and inline attenuators on fans.

Additional noise control was achieved by programming the BMS controlling the stadium plant to switch off plant and reduce volume flow rates during the most sensitive periods of the day and night. This had the added benefit of reducing the stadiums energy usage.

Following the implementation of these measures the plant noise emissions from the stadium are in compliance with the noise criteria specified by the local authority. 

Work on this project was completed in 2012.

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