Village Hall Development for the Irish Chamber Orchestra

The Village Hall Development is a brand new purpose designed rehearsal/performance venue for the Irish Chamber Orchestra. It comprises a primary rehearsal/performance space, practice rooms, administrative offices and a meeting room.

The project commenced with detailed consultations between all key parties with an interest in the development. This included the architect, contracting authority and Chief Executive of the Irish Chamber Orchestra. A comprehensive brief was agreed, the most significant component of this being a desire to provide a rehearsal facility that offered a world class environment comparable to venues such as the Wigmore Hall.

We undertook analyses using proprietary modeling software (ODEON) in order to assess the room acoustic environment for a variety of different configurations, including full/reduced orchestra rehearsals and recitals for a variety of chamber ensembles.

The output from this process was a detailed series of specifications for room acoustic treatments, both absorptive and diffusive, in order to ensure optimum results for all of the proposed room uses. The specifications were accompanied by schematics illustrating the locations and types of the various treatments.

In addition to the room acoustics assessment for the rehearsal/performance space, we provided detailed design guidance in respect of the effective control of both noise intrusion from the external environment and noise associated with the building services installation. We also advised in respect of building acoustics and room acoustics for the practice rooms, offices and meeting room.

 Work on this project commenced in 2005; the development opened in 2008.

Attached Documents

PDF icon Village Hall Development for the ICO (AWN__Village_Hall_Development_for_the_ICO.pdf | 163 kB)
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