Facebook European Headquarters & Regional Offices

O'Toole Partnership
Services Engineer:
Axis Engineering
Project Manager:
KMCS Construction & Property Consultants

AWN Consulting has provided acoustic design advice to Facebook for their European headquarters in Dublin and also their regional office in Hamburg, Germany. The brief from the client was to improve the acoustic privacy between existing meeting rooms and ensure that new partition constructions were selected with acoustic performance in mind. 

Sound insulation

Based on our in house software and extensive database of separating components, we were able to undertake an accurate appraisal and where necessary suggest appropriate mitigation of the proposed separating elements (including walls, doors and penetration details).

Building Acoustics 

Proprietary modeling software was used to model canteen, presentation and open plan office spaces. Based on the results of these models a range of absorption products were recommended to ensure a good room acoustic environment.


On completion of the works AWN carried out a series of commissioning measurements to confirm that the design goals had been acheived.

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