Arrow Group Facility Odour Dispersion Model

'Arrow Group Facility Odour Dispersion Model' image

AWN Consulting Ltd (AWN) was commissioned to carry out an odour modelling assessment of the Arrow Group facility in Maudlins Industrial Estate, Naas, County Kildare. The purpose of the assessment was to to investigate potential abatement options to ensure that no odour nuisance will occur at nearby sensitive receptors. Arrow Group Ltd is made up of five separate food manufacturing activities specialising in the manufacture and supply of meat products, pasta products and soup stocks etc.

Odour dispersion modelling for both the current operating scenario and the proposed operating scenario was carried out using the United States Environmental Protection Agency's regulatory model AERMOD (Version 13350). The aim of the study was to assess the potential odour emissions associated with the current and future operations on the site and to quantify the ambient predicted odour levels relative to the ambient odour guideline values. The assessment was conducted using the methodology outlined in "Air Dispersion Modelling from Industrial Installations Guidance Note (AG4) (EPA, 2010)".

Based on the findings of the current operating scenario, AWN Consulting Ltd recommended increases in stack height to ensure that no odour nuisance will occur at nearby sensitive receptors. The implementation of this along with a detailed odour management plan for the facility will ensure that odour is given the highest priority on an on-going basis at the facility.

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