Industrial Plant, Co. Kildare, Confidential Client

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AWN has carried out numerous extensive hydrogeological investigations and assessments at an existing Industrial Plant in Co. Kildare. Key studies include the following:

  • Hydrogeological site investigation to establish groundwater conditions in the bedrock aquifer at proposed development and undertaking long-term groundwater monitoring (2011 and 2012);
  • Design and supervision of pumping tests at selected bedrock boreholes to determine aquifer properties and estimation of potential dewatering rates during developments (2012);
  • Hydrogeological assessment of the potential impact of proposed developments on the Water Environment, including cSAC (2011 and 2012);
  • Design and implementation of mitigation measures, including continuous compliance monitoring of groundwater at sensitive Water Environment receptors and agreeing mitigation measures with regulators (2012);
  • Hydrogeological modelling of proposed excavations to assess the potential impact of the development on groundwater flow paths and groundwater contours (2012);
  • Quantitative Water Environment Risk Assessment (QERA) of soil leachate results to assess the potential impact on Water Environment receptors (2011).
  • Soil, Geology and Hydrogeology Chapters for EISs for numerous planning applications (2011 – 2012)

Attached Documents

PDF icon Industrial Plant, Co. Kildare, Confidential Client (AWN__Hydrogeology_Confidential_Industrial_Plant.pdf | 236 kB)


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