Compliance Monitoring

'Compliance Monitoring' image AWN Consulting undertakes regular compliance monitoring for waste licensed and permitted facilities, specifically, surface and groundwater monitoring and noise monitoring. We use dedicated sub-contract laboratories to produce accredited laboratory analysis results. » read more


Waste Permit Applications

'Waste Permit Applications' image AWN prepares waste permit applications, for waste collection and also for the operation of facilities which require a permit, on behalf of the Client. » read more


Waste Licence Applications and Review

'Waste Licence Applications and Review' image The AWN Team has many years' experience in the preparation of Waste Licence applications and reviews. We can assist a company through all stages of the application process, from initial discussions and licence scoping with the EPA, through to completion of licence applications. » read more


Waste Classification

'Waste Classification' image AWN apply the fundamentals of chemical analysis to determine concentrations of key components and apply the EPA Hazardous Waste Classification Tool and Hazardous Waste Legislation, to determine the category into which the waste falls. This can reduce costs while ensuring environmental compliance. » read more


Trade Effluent Discharge Licensing

'Trade Effluent Discharge Licensing' image AWN have many years' experience in preparing Trade Effluent Discharge Licence applications (TEDL) for facilities ranging from waste transfer stations to waste processing facilities. » read more