Vitra Ireland Ltd, Arklow, Co. Wicklow - Wastewater Treatment System Review

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Vitra Ireland Ltd manufacture ceramic wall tiles at their facility in the IDA Business Park, Arklow, Co. Wicklow.

AWN was commissioned by Vitra to review the operation of the IDA wastewater treatment system servicing the Arklow Business Park and determine the impact, if any, of Vitra's operations on this system. Up until this time, no strategic quantitative analysis had been undertaken of either the IDA wastewater treatment system, or that of other business's operating at the Arklow Business Park.

As part of the review, the following key tasks were completed:

  • A site visit was conducted by AWN staff to review both the Vitra and IDA wastewater treatment systems;
  • Characterisation of wastewater quality was achieved through the laboratory analysis of seven samples collected from both the Vitra WWTP, IDA WWTP and IDA surface water system; and
  • A desk-top review was also completed of relevant documentation including proposed O&M procedures for the IDA WWTP.

Using information obtained from the above, the following was considered:

  • Quality of effluent in both the Vitra and IDA WWTPs;
  • Quality of sludge solids in both the Vitra and IDA WWTPs;
  • Design criteria for the IDA WWTP;
  • Ongoing operation & maintenance of the IDA WWTP;
  • Quality of water in the IDA stormwater attenuation pond.

A detailed report was subsequently prepared, outlining the findings of the assessment with recommendations for further action provided.

Attached Documents

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