IED / IPC Licensing – Changing to an Online Application Process

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'IED / IPC Licensing – Changing to an Online Application Process' image

In August 2017 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) moved from a paper based licence application system to an online application system. All new applications for an Industrial Emissions (IED) or Integrated Pollution Control (IPC) licence, including applications for a licence review or technical amendment, must now be completed via an Agency EDEN portal account.

The format and requirements of the new online application have changed and additional reports and attachments are required that may not have been requested in the previous paper based licence application system. Examples of new information required include Stakeholder Engagement (Attachment 6.1) and Environmental Management Techniques (Attachment 9.1). Template documents may be viewed here.

The Agency has also provided updated guidance on the allocation and monitoring of emission points. The most significant change is in the definition of 'Major', 'Minor' and 'Potential' air emissions. It is also important to note that combustion points (i.e. boilers) greater than 1MW are now considered Major emission points (c.f. greater than 5MW previously). Such combustion points will likely be subject to the typical monitoring and compliance obligations the Agency requires for all licensed Major emission points.

Having extensive experience completing IPC and IED licence applications for clients under the previous paper-based system, AWN Consulting has completed some of the first online licence applications since the release of the new online application process by the Agency. AWN Consulting now has a comprehensive understanding of the revised form and process.

If you are planning to apply for an IPC or IED licence or to submit a licence review application in the near future please contact us for advice and scoping.

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