AWN Authors of Air Guidance Note for Industrial Installations (AG4)

'AWN Authors of Air Guidance Note for Industrial Installations (AG4)' image

The EPA commissioned AWN Consulting to write the air modelling guidance note on emissions from industrial installations. 


The guidance note gives an overview of the key principles in air dispersion modelling and outlines the key parameters which are important in dispersion from industrial facilities. The guidance note focuses on some of the key input parameters including the appropriate meteorological data, terrain data, building downwash considerations and valid emission data.


The guidance note also present general principles and suitable methods that may be used to assess and report on the impact of air emissions from EPA licensed industrial installations. The models covered include the USEPA regulatory model AERMOD, the UK-based ADMS model and CALPUFF which is a lagrangrian puff model which is useful for complex topographical interfaces such as coastlines and urban-rural cross-over locations.


The guidance note is aimed at practitioners such as environmental consultants and regulators and is also a good general introduction to the theory of air dispersion modelling and the tools available to undertake an air modelling assessment.


The guidance note can be downloaded here.



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