Former Petrol Station, West Dublin

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AWN Consulting undertook a pre-acquisition due diligence site investigation on a former petrol station in West Dublin. Consequently, AWN Consulting was included in a framework for Renault in Ireland.

Areas of potential concern (APCs) were identified using historical ordnance survey maps and a review of planning conditions for the former petrol station. The site investigation targeted the areas around underground fuel tanks and an overground kerosene tank; the following works were carried out:

  • Characterisation of the soil around the APCs identified in the environmental due diligence;
  • Assessment of the nature and degree of any hydrocarbon contamination of the soil in the vicinity of known potential sources of contamination;
  • Assessment of any shallow groundwater encountered, and;
  • Interpretation of the analytical results with respect to the identified environmental receptors at the site.

Based on the information obtained from the environmental due diligence and the site investigation, a preliminary Conceptual Site Model (CSM) was developed and a qualitative risk assessment undertaken to consider the potential contaminative and environmental risks associated with the current land condition at the site.

Attached Documents

PDF icon Former Petrol Station, West Dublin (Renault_Former_Petrol_Stn.pdf | 101 kB)


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