Maxol Petrol Station, Butterly Business Park, Dublin 5

'Maxol Petrol Station, Butterly Business Park, Dublin 5' image

The subject site has been used as a service station for the past 25 years or more and the following potential sources of contamination were identified:

  • Leakage from the underground fuel storage tanks and associated pipe work into the underlying groundwater and surrounding soil;
  • Migration of contaminants from surface spillages during fuel dispensing operations into the underlying soil through the cobble pavement and existing concrete hard standing; and
  • Leakage of petroleum contaminated water from the on-site drainage system into the surrounding soil.

A site investigation was designed to include a soil vapour survey and soil sampling program. The water environment was investigated with the installation of two groundwater monitoring wells in the quaternary deposits below the site.

An informed assessment of the presence and extent of soil and groundwater contamination was then made, and appropriate remedial actions recommended.

Attached Documents

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