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AWN was appointed by Fluor Ireland, on behalf of Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals, to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for a proposed biotechnology facility in Shanbally, Co, Cork.

The proposed development comprised a Phase III clinical trial and initial product launch facility to manufacture, purify, formulate and bulk fill mammalian cell culture derived proteins designed to form the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient in products intended for human use.

The EIS was required to accompany the Planning Application for the proposed development. Preparation of the EIS was co-ordinated by AWN and carried out by a multi-disciplinary team of specialist personnel comprising AWN staff and its sub-consultants.

The scope of the EIS was discussed with Cork County Council (as the planning authority) and consultation was carried out with relevant statutory agencies and government bodies.

Environmental impacts were identified, assessed and reported in accordance with EU and Irish legislative requirements. EPA Guidelines and the Cork County Development Plan were also referenced.

The baseline environment for the development site (approx. 10 acres) and surrounding area was identified through desktop research and field surveys (eg: ecology, landscape, traffic, soils, cultural heritage). Further details were obtained through targeted short term monitoring programs (eg: air, noise, water). Potential impacts of the development were then assessed and mitigation measures were recommended where necessary.

Particular environmental issues associated with the development included its proximity to protected ecological areas, management of construction and operational traffic, emissions to air, impacts on visual amenity and management of wastewater. However, given the mitigation measures proposed, none of these were found to be significant.

Permission for the development was granted by Cork County Council in August 2007.

Attached Documents

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