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AWN Consulting recently completed the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement, on behalf of a Major Telecommunications Company, for a planning permission submission for the development of a Data Centre and associated Energy Centre on a site in Clondalkin Industrial Estate.

When completed the development will entail the construction of a ca. 30.4MW Data Centre, in two phases, to provide data storage solutions for customers. The data centre will offer clients the latest in power, cooling and connectivity with hardened security to control access to client information.

A gas powered Energy Centre is also incorporated into the development . This primarily comprises six lean-burn gas engines and allows the Data Centre to be fully self- sufficient in terms of its power and cooling requirements. The Energy Centre is connected to the national gas network via an AGI installation to be located in the south eastern corner of the site.

The preparation of the EIS for this development was coordinated by AWN in conjunction with Clifton Scannell Emerson and Associates and carried out by AWN staff and a number of specialist sub-consultants.

Scoping for the EIS involved in-depth discussions between the design team and South Dublin County Council in order to ensure all key aspects of the proposed development were considered. A number of other statutory bodies were also consulted by specialists during the preparation of the EIS.

AWN was appointed to undertake the assessment of impacts in relation to: Planning and Development Context, Alternatives Consideration, Air Quality & Climate, Noise, Soils & Geology, Hydrology and Hydrogeology, Socio-Economic (Human Beings and Material Assets), Waste Management and Interactions.

Air dispersion modelling was a key aspect of the environmental assessment and was used to determine appropriate stack heights for the generators associated with the proposed development including the Energy Centre. The model followed the procedures outlined in EPA Guidance Document "AG4 – Air Dispersion Modelling From Industrial Sources (2010)" which was authored by AWN Consulting. The air dispersion model can be used on an ongoing basis to assess changes in hours of operation or process emissions as the site operates into the future. Preparation of a detailed technical report including comprehensive contour plots indicating ambient odour and air pollutant concentrations at specific locations both within and beyond the site boundary.

Other potential impacts of the development were assessed following assessment of the baseline environment.

Mitigation measures were then recommended where necessary to prevent potential impacts with respect to soil, water, and ecology during the construction and operational phases of the development. The residual impacts are considered to be neutral in terms of quality.

Permission for the development was granted by South Dublin County Council in February 2014.

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