Annual Environmental Reports

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'Annual Environmental Reports' image

An Annual Environmental Report (AER) is required by the EPA under the IPPC Licence and comprises a summary of the environmental performance of the facility for the previous year, including monitoring information on all emissions to water, air, and ground and also information on waste and resource consumption.

Many companies find it is more cost effective to sub-contract the preparation of their AER, due to the time consuming nature of the AER process and the requirement for cross checking of data to ensure full compliance and to identify data anomalies.

AWN has many years' experience of preparing AERs for different industrial sectors, and has developed a unique understanding of how best to gather and interpret environmental data from across the different departments of a company, and how to best present this data in a manner which ensures compliance with the requirements of the EPA while also delivering the AER in a cost effective and efficient manner.

The AER includes site visits to the facility to review current operations, noting any changes in the facility over the previous 12 months, any improvements to the technology, repairs carried out or decommissioned equipment, machinery etc.

Collection and review of monitoring data and records is carried out and the data summarised for the AER. This includes continuous monitoring, or periodic monitoring, such as weekly or bi-annually. The submission includes the Pollutant Release Transfer Register (PRTR), which is a detailed list of pollutant emissions from industrial facilities and other sources.

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