IPPC Licence Application and Review

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'IPPC Licence Application and Review' image

 The AWN Team has many years' experience in the preparation of IPPC Licence applications and reviews across a range of industrial sectors. We can assist a company through all stages of the application process, from initial discussions and licence scoping with the EPA, through to completion of licence application form and compilation of necessary assessments.

We have a team of in house air, noise, soil and water specialists who provide environmental modelling and impact assessment support to the IPPC licence application process.

The IPPC Application and Review process involves the following:

  • Provision of applicant details, location of facility and class of facility
  • Assessment of the facility against the requirements of the Seveso Regulations
  • Provision of an Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Baseline assessments of air quality, water and noise
  • Identification and assessment of proposed emissions to air, water, ground and noise
  • Treatment, abatement and control systems to be put in place to ameliorate proposed emissions
  • Assessment of the resource use and energy efficiency at the proposed facility
  • Provision of accident, prevention and emergency response procedures
  • Provision of remediation, decommissioning, restoration and aftercare management plan
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