Contractor Assistance - Integrated Waste Management Solutions

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AWN Consulting has partnered with contractors to add value to their offering, which assists them to win complex deinstall/demolition/chemical plant decommissioning projects. AWN's staff includes waste managers chartered with CIWM and can provide a complete integrated waste management package from inception to completion. This involves the following:

· Classifying the non-hazardous and hazardous waste streams and assigning appropriate EWC.

· Assessing decontamination requirements from the application of first principle chemistry, developing decontamination procedures and a decontamination matrix.

· Designing a site specific comprehensive waste management strategy and plan for the project and managing and delivering that strategy.

· Tendering for and appointing suitability permitted/licensed contractors.

· Auditing waste contractors to ensure they have appropriate facilities and are legally compliant.

· Providing training to personnel on waste management procedures.


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