Waste Design

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Our waste management team can provide design advice to ensure developments take into account requirements of the Waste Management Acts and Associated Regulations, the Protection of the Environment Act and Associated Regulations, the Packaging Regulations and the Litter Pollution Act. Our specific capabilities include:

  • Modelling of waste production in a development using models developed and calibrated by AWN over a 15 year period with waste generation data from many developments, to accurately predict the types, weights and volumes of waste to be generated in different types of retail, commercial, industrial and residential schemes.
  • Calculation of budget waste management costs prior to opening of a development, using predictive modelling software.
  • Assessment of required locations, dimensions and layouts for waste storage areas.
  • Design input to ensure the development is designed to allow for the correct and legally compliant segregation, storage, movement, handling, processing and off-site disposal of waste.
  • Specification of fit-out of waste storage areas, access requirements, overhead clearance, collection points, drainage requirements, ventilation requirements and power and water requirements.
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