Allied Irish Bank, Dublin

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Since 2001, AWN has provided ongoing consultancy services to Allied Irish Bank (AIB), with regards to waste management. This has been largely coordinated with the Facilities Management Team based at the AIB Bankcentre, in Ballsbridge, Dublin.

AWN has conducted a series of waste audits at AIB Bankcentre from 2001 through to 2007. An initial audit completed in 2001/2002 was used to define a baseline waste generation rate at the site and to recommend appropriate ways of reducing waste generation, maximising recycling rates and minimising expenditure on waste disposal. A number of measures were subsequently put in place to assist in achieving these aims. A second audit, completed in 2005, was used to identify waste generation rates at the time of the audit and review the performance of various waste management initiatives adopted since 2001. Similarly, an audit completed in 2007 examined the different types and quantities of waste generated at the time of the audit, and provided an opportunity to compare this data against that obtained in previous years. A review of newly adopted initiatives, particularly those associated with the opening of Bankcentre 2, was also completed.

AWN has also provided advice on the disposal requirements for waste materials generated during the renovation of catering facilities at AIB Bankcentre. As part of the renovation activities, some equipment and material was identified for re-use by AIB (either temporarily or permanently), with the remainder marked for disposal off-site. AWN completed an assessment of these items with information provided on the recommended disposal method for each, in-line with legislative and best practice requirements.

AWN has provided advice and assistance to AIB in obtaining a trade effluent discharge licence at the AIB Bankcentre.

Most recently, AWN was engaged to provide advice on the wording of, and estimated waste generation rates to be included in, tender documents prepared for the provision of waste management services to 11 no. AIB facilities located in Dublin and Naas.

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