Groundwater Development - Manufacturing Company Wexford

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In 2014 AWN Consulting was appointed by a leading competitor within the food industry sector in Ireland to undertake a Phase 1 Feasibility Assessment for Groundwater Development. The company has a water requirement of c.175 to 250m³/d (or maximum 45,000m³p.a.). The objective was to identify and develop an on-site groundwater supply which would significantly reduce annual water costs and provide a consistent water quality and consistent water temperature to meet production requirements.

The Feasibility Study included:

  1.  Identification from desktop information of the potential for developing a sustainable yield that would meet the client's water requirements, 
  2.  Provision of a cost estimate (including likely payback period) and suitable water well contractor for trial well drilling and hydraulic testing to confirm available yield and quality within the site confines.

Following positive findings from the feasibility study, trial well drilling was undertaken at the site followed by a series of hydraulic testing programmes to further characterise the aquifer, This programme of work indicated a sustainable yield of approximately 200 - 250m3/d which will now be used as a secondary water supply to the plant, thereby reducing the client's reliability on public supply and providing a long-term cost saving.

Payback for the capital works was achieved in less than 6 months.

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