Groundwater Resource Study - Manufacturing Facility (Confidential) - Leinster Region

'Groundwater Resource Study - Manufacturing Facility (Confidential) - Leinster Region' image

AWN is undertaking a groundwater resource study for an existing major industrial facility in Leinster. The plant currently relies entirely on public mains water and a new planned expansion will result in additional demand. Currently, this additional water requirement is not readily available in the area. The company is looking towards groundwater development to provide additional resource and to significantly reduce its baseline annual water cost.

Key requirements to locating and developing an economically viable groundwater supply include the completion of a comprehensive desk-based feasibility study (Phase 1 study) on a defined area within lands owned by the company itself. The water resource feasibility study particularly focused on aquifer characterisation, spatial identification of resource potential and sustainable yields, classification of principal constraints and determination of key infrastructural and distribution networks in that aerial extent. Existing high yielding well data was compiled to aid in identifying potential areas for resource development.

Phase I reporting was followed by a programme of preliminary trial well drilling and testing (Phase II) within the site boundary. This was undertaken in order to determine the hydrogeological setting at the local level and confirm the sustainable yield available. The next phase is presently underway and involves a more strategic approach to highlight specific productive bedrock formations with viable connections to water main distribution networks. The principal objective of the final hydrogeological assessment will be to offer a minimum of two to three economically viable options to the client in terms of achieving the project goals and preparation of a resource development strategy. Initial results suggest that an annual reduction in water costs of 25% is achievable. 

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