Chemsource Chemical Warehouse Upper Tier Seveso Compliance

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Since 2003 AWN Consulting Ltd. has provided specialist consultancy services to Chemco Ireland Ltd. t/a Chemsource in respect of their hazardous chemical warehouse facility at Stadium Business Park, Dublin 11. AWN has assisted Chemsource with all aspects of compliance with the requirements of "Upper Tier" Seveso establishments. The following works were completed by AWN:

  • HAZard IDentification (HAZID) study including consequence modelling of major accident scenarios;
  • Preparation of Major Accident Prevention Policy and Safety Management System;
  • Preparation of compliance documentation including notification to the HSA;
  • Preparation of Safety Report and Internal Emergency Plan;
  • Completion of risk assessments of activities and preparation of SMS procedures.

AWN was a member of the Project Team that prepared the External Emergency Plan and liaises with the external emergency services as necessary. AWN also liaises with the HSA on an on-going basis and provides assistance at HSA Audits.

The consequences of a number of major accident scenarios were modelled and assessed including:

  • Major chemical warehouse fire and dispersion of toxic combustion products;
  • Acid spill (indoors/outdoors) and toxic gas dispersion;
  • Overpressure effects of a vapour cloud explosion following an accident solvent release;
  • Thermal radiation effects from a solvent spill outdoors and from a fire in the flammable store;
  • Gas cylinder release and toxic gas dispersion;
  • Fragment range for drum and cylinder rocketing scenarios in the event of a fire in the flammable store.

A quantitative risk assessment was completed and the distance to the specified area was calculated.

AWN provides consultancy services to Chemsource on an on-going basis including updating of Seveso compliance documentation in line with on-site development

Attached Documents

PDF icon Chemsource Chemical Warehouse Upper Tier Seveso Compliance (AWN__Chemsource_Seveso.pdf | 80 kB)


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