Organisational Change Risk Assessment - Bulk API Manufacturing Facility

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In 2010, AWN Consulting Ltd. was appointed to complete a risk assessment of organisational change at a Bulk API Manufacturing facility located in Ireland. The facility is classified as a 'lower tier' establishment under the Seveso II Directive.

The scope of the assessment completed by AWN addressed all safety hazards including major accident hazards.

The organisational change involved outsourcing of services at the bulk API manufacturing facility to a facilities management company. The services include maintenance of mechanical, electrical, solvent recovery and thermal oxidiser systems, and operation of a number of utility and treatment systems on-site.

An initial meeting was held with EHS management personnel in order to identify the scope of services and activities subject to organisational change and to screen out low risk activities from the risk assessment.

A workshop was held with personnel representing areas subject to change in order to identify the scope of activities and tasks to be outsourced, and potential safety issues and concerns.

An organisational change register was developed detailing roles and tasks subject to change, equipment and materials involved, and identifying hazards. A major accident hazards (MAH) register was developed and tasks with MAH potential were identified.

An organisational change risk assessment was conducted using the Human Error Assessment and Reduction Technique (HEART), and tasks subject to change were ranked according to human error potential. A report was prepared, and recommendations were made on measures to mitigate safety hazards.

Attached Documents

PDF icon Organisational Change Risk Assessment (AWN__Organisational_Change_RA_WIP.pdf | 200 kB)


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