Safety Report

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'Safety Report' image

The purpose of the Safety Report is to demonstrate that:

  • A MAPP and a Safety Management System (SMS) for implementing the MAPP have been put into effect;
  • Major accident hazards have been identified and their risk of occurring and consequences minimised,
  • Adequate safety and reliability have been incorporated into construction, design and operation of the COMAH facility;
  • Internal and external emergency plans have been prepared.

The Safety Report is also used to provide information to competent and planning authorities to assist with land use planning decisions in relation to COMAH establishments and contains an updated inventory of dangerous substances stored on site.

The Safety Report contains information on the management system and organisation of a COMAH establishment with a view to major accident prevention, a description of the environment of the facility and the installation. It identifies major accident hazards, and provides information on the consequences and risk of major accident scenarios. The Safety Report also describes measures for protection and intervention to limit the consequences of an accident including internal and external emergency plans.

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