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AWN has provided specialist consultancy services to Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) Ireland since 2005 with respect to major accident hazard identification and assessment at the BMS Cruiserath and Swords Laboratories bulk API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) manufacturing sites.

In 2006, AWN completed an assessment of a proposed advanced pharmaceutical finishing facility and of the Masterplan for the development of BMS Cruiserath. Works completed include a HAZard IDentification (HAZID) study of the advanced pharmaceutical finishing facility, drum rocketing assessment, HAZID study of proposed Masterplan activities, and qualitative assessment of individual and societal risk.

AWN completed a Quantitative Risk Assessment of Major Accident Hazards at BMS Cruiserath. The consequences of a number of major accident scenarios were modelled and assessed including:

  • Thermal radiation effects from pool fire scenarios following accident solvent spill;
  • Overpressure effects of vapour cloud explosion scenarios or flash fire envelope;
  • Thermal radiation effects from natural gas jet fire;
  • Fragment range for drum rocketing scenarios;
  • Chemical warehouse fire and dispersion of toxic combustion products.

A quantitative risk assessment was also completed of each major accident scenario.

AWN have also completed assessment of major accident hazards associated with developments at Swords Laboratories:

  • In 2005 AWN completed an assessment of Major Accident Hazards associated with an increase in the capacity of the tank farm;
  • In 2011, AWN completed a quantitative risk assessment of a proposed Hydrogenator Plant upgrade.



Attached Documents

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